The Sacred

Just came across a very interesting book by Ervin Laszlo, The Creative Universe.  He seems to take Rupert Sheldrake’s ideas one step further.  It is ironic that just when so many scientific theories seem to be pointing in the direction of the unity of all, as religion has always done, and when action at a distance is no longer a dubious phenomenon investigated by would-be psychics, this is the time when non-locality has become a real problem.

We now live in a world where there is no escape from the all-pervasive West-Atlantic media culture.  Films, videos, music, magazines etc are all grabbing for attention wherever one turns; purveying images, moods, emotions, heroes, anti-heroes and their fashions.  Local customs, laws and ideals are seen to be parochial and not worthy of serious consideration.  Our children are lost before they can learn to discriminate.  

On worship – there seems no longer to be an awareness of the sacred.  Churches are no longer sacred places but meeting places.  There are no longer sacred movements, actions and liturgies but showy posturings and blatant entertainment.  The sacred only exists in the context of faith and in the encounter with the Wholly Other, the numinous.  It was real when I was young and growing up.  Ireland in those days had many faults and the Church was not what it should have been – has it ever? – but the numinous presence was real and not confined to the awesome whisper of consecration.  All that now has gone.  No doubt I have changed but it is not just that.  I don’t think young people generally feel the tingling shiver down the spine of being in the presence of the mysterium tremendum.

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