Spiritual life

I feel a great fellowship for all others who are searching and who are trying to be genuine.  I feel nothing for those who are shallow, hypocrites, or who are egoists.  I should.  They too are part of the whole, even if they are dancing to a different tune, but it is not always easy.  I can understand the Pope’s desire to have absolute control, but by the nature of things that is an impossible desire.  It is one thing to have a vision; it is another for others to interpret the vision in their way, give it a different tone and emphasis.  The only honourable choice for him is either to abdicate his absolutism (paradoxically, I think this would enhance his authority) or become a hermit.  The key is relationship.  Nothing is sole and of itself, not even God.  

I find it more and more difficult to pray to God as someone in Heaven or wherever.  God is subject, intimior intimo meo, as St. Augustine said.  Words help at times but wordless prayer goes deeper, goes to the heart.  To say that God does, plans, designs etc. is too crude.  More, it is false.  God is the ground of all relationships.  Not in the way that the Spirit is the relationship of the Father to the Son and the Son to the Father.  Every loving relationship creates its spirit, the tertium pars which is the link, the bond.  Somehow the Spirit is interwoven with the weaving and interweaving of these myriads of relationships.  God is not outside making and directing.  He is within.

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