It is getting difficult to say much about meditation. It struck me today that I have been practising the koan mu. Not by saying it, or thinking it, but just by being in it. I came across this passage by the Abbé Bremond in van Bragt which resonated when I read it.

…astonishment of finding oneself somewhere where there is no sky or earth or fire or water or light or colour…or even any creature to keep one company, but only a wide desert and infinite emptiness, invisible and incomprehensible, eternal and immobile without any limitation, …where one sees nothing, hears nothing, is unable to touch anything or hold on to anything. One would there be suspended between being and non-being. In that condition… this saint found herself and there she saw God only… in the annihilation of all her ideas. [Grasset: Vie de Madame Hélyot, quoted in Mommaers P., and van Bragt J., Mysticism Buddhist and Christian: Encounters with Jan van Ruusbroec, Crossrad, New York 1995 p.24]


The seeing God bit does not apply to me but the emptiness, the nothingness has a numinous quality. There is a feeling of …being connected is the only way I can describe it. Everything and everyone is present and there are no barriers of time and space. I don’t mean ‘present’ in a physical, or even an imaginary sense. It is just that time and space are no longer categories which have meaning. 

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