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Giving birth

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Life seems to be about giving birth. Paul talks about all creation groaning in travail as what is to be struggles to become.
Giving birth is not a momentary event which happens once at the beginning. It is not just the emergence of the new born from the old, and then the two exist, new and old, side by side.
Giving birth is a process, a long drawn out process of gradual emergence of the new from the old, of new drawing its being from the old, of the new drawing out the being of the old, changing it and transforming it.
Giving birth can be a painful experience when the being of the old is caught up in the new which has not learnt to see and blindly wheels, stumbles and gropes, wounded and bleeding. It is also a joyful process but, more often than not, the joy is mixed with suffering.